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May 8, 2012
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Lioness by taylornoellemorgan Lioness by taylornoellemorgan
Did this shoot about a week ago.
I'm really happy with the results :]

Model: Me
Photographer: Paolo Navarro

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Just came to mind when I saw this shot --> [link]
AkashaGossow May 8, 2012  Professional Photographer
Noir models, cadaver follows; words lost on or maybe it was dalore bottles. Red R's and what is what can we take in from someone whom we take comments from heavily, the weight we weigh from to that and the fire from, contrast colour vivd appeal my desktop colour balance and that soft pout mascara hazel iris appeal. Skin soft almost never and couldn't be left to feel. Illegal in most states but in most kas'ts, that's backwords cus cat's won't flow forward and never to know secrets of the darkness below, I, or how; or they, scruninize they may. And in may, I was simpllay thinking envay.

Like vivid appeal, necturine passionfruit deadly veneal, veneir venicitian gold flow-in, like cyan intro-duction vocabulary blown in. Taught straight never straight city blocks walk straight but my mind's on a photo. A photo seen maybe scene or maybe you didn't see it. See it saw it or didn't believe it and would I then be that which would be that then under classification of noir. To emplore the soft hues complexions reminicint of blues. Vivid, how vivid. Porcelain skin like marrionette philosophy that mimics mirrors philosophical dreary thoughts that reflect those of immortality, universal energy and to that which I see... I guess I was just so mesmorized, by "Envy" in my eyes.

I'm sorry the way you took it wasn't like... uy'know how I meant it I mean I still like the photo...\\
taylornoellemorgan May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I dont understamd, what were those two first paragraphs about and ohow did they relate to this topic
So, you like the photo? But you don't love it?
noir models cadver follows, like blue roses and monster self-portaits
a message from me to you, like medicated but my mind's turned blue, like thoughts new
red r's like my mistakes on commenting wrong on your photo, what is what can we, hypersimilie, like a falicy within words to correct my mistake; can we take it from... like how could i say something recessive to someone so purely made of my desires, ...
the weight, as the mood, ; to that and the fire from... reference to your hair. contrast colour vivid appeal, referring to the photo's lack of accentuation of your hair colour. my desktop colour balance and that soft pout mascara hazel iris appeal, my desktop-one of- being [link] . skin soft almost never and couldn't be left to feel, as reference to the medication;s ability to synethesize thoughts of tacticle hallucination by definition, or, the vivid fabrication; of the ability to contemplate your skin texture by visual notion, by the ability of my imagination-yet not doing so, instigating that i wouldn't dare over-step even the touch of your skin cognitively, a gesture of gentlemanly tendency... as it wouldn't be hard to do so, n it would drive me wild.

Illegal in most states, reference to your age outside of canada; but in most kas'ts, a mis-pronounciation of 'cats' slurred purposely. For the purpose of disuasion, or mal-pursuasion, or to lure away from the topic of subconsciously of whom who would follow the text to deter their thoughts from any negativity towards our age difference. I, or how' or they, scruninize they may- a phrase containing an error but pronounced clearly creates the assumption of *correctness of the prior notion, or past sentence being passable or true, physcological implimenation. "And in may, I was simpllay thinking envay". A tell of the honesty of the past sentence being false, may being the month, creating distantiation of topic from legality, reference of first person to show that I did it on purpose, but own up to it; as given away again by the typo in "simpllay", and envay foreshadowing your past deviation "envy" which i was loathing over, and inspired me to continue writing the next paragraph. To say something nice and to change the topic

like vivid appeal, hoping you saw some of the imagery behind my words- as i typed it while looking at this photo, and envy, and "look". the rest is subconscious, just flow:

that you're younger, a reference to a gold crown, the colour in your envy photo, your figure in it, how i think of your photos while I walk around the city, a reference to my sub-culture class, 'scene, -ish.. whether you'd like my sometimes noir style, yet my soft-heart, things of philosophy and immortality from 'Ghost and the Shell: Innocence"

and me admitting to starry-eyed gazing at that envy photo, n apologizing for saying i didn't like one of your photo's, n me saying I still like it
lol jus cus you're in it
taylornoellemorgan May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thats deep
as the ocean lol, not always but, yea
Poggiali May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Like it :)
hmm i don't love this photo
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